Our Vision

Our vision at Central Australian Sidelifter Haulage is to provide the best and fastest service possible to Central Australia and interstate clients.


We take pride in our work and knowledge of the transport industry, to help you take the hassle out of transporting your goods and container purchases.


The Sidelifter is making transporting containers quick and easy for everyone. More and more people want to pack up and move on their own.


Having a container dropped right at your door with NO CRANE NEEDED, and collected when your ready, to be delivered locally or on to its next destination.

Our Services
  • Local, intrastate, interstate  and international relocation's.

  • New & used container sales, storage and hire.

  • Remote community store runs.

  • Transport refrigerated and perishable goods

  • Container drop off and delivery.


On the 5th May 2005, Andy went down to Melbourne, jumped into a Western Star, picked up the Sidelifter and set the destination to Alice Springs. Andy has been operating his business Central Australian Sidelifter Haulage Pty Ltd (CASH Pty Ltd) since 2005 and it continues to grow.

We own and operate the only Sidelifter in Alice Springs and the only one for thousands of square kilometers and we are very proud of it.

"I love the country! It has its drawbacks like anywhere but from what I can see going on around this town, this will only continue to improve".

Andy first visited the Territory as an itinerant when he was 15. He worked around Alice as a ringer and doing odd jobs for eight years. After returning to Melbourne, Andy worked on the wharves, getting a start with Hoffmann’s Transport. After eight years there, Andy began working at agencies, ending up with K&S.

"I came up to Alice and worked for NTFS, part of the Scott Group. I loved the lifestyle but thought things could be done better, so thought let’s show them!"

Andrew Hill

Director/ Owner

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