What is a Sidelifter?

The Sidelifter loads and unloads containers via a pair of hydraulic powered cranes mounted at each end of the vehicle chassis. The cranes are designed to lift containers from the ground, from other vehicles, from railway wagons and directly from stacks on docks or aboard container ships.

A standard Sidelifter is also able to stack a container at a two containers' height on the ground. If the Sidelifter chassis is of 40' length or more, the cranes of the sidelifter can be shifted hydraulically along the Sidelifter chassis making it able to handle either 1 x 20', 1 x 40',or 2 x 20's. 

As the Sidelifter is suitable for travelling on normal roads, it is able to quickly load and unload without additional equipment, it is often used for delivering and picking up shipping containers from anywhere there is road access. The Sidelifter can safely lift 36 Tonne.

Do I need to hire a crane?

NO, We can do it all with the sidelifter. We pick up and deliver your container to where it needs to go, eg locally, intrastate, interstate, international or remote areas throughout the country.

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