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ARAFURA resource limited.

25th Feburary 2013

"I am happy to reccomend the services of CASH. I have been using CASH for general transport, container transport and hire,logistical help and solutions for the past 3 years and have always been completly satisfied. Andy as his team do an excellent job and have always fulfilled our requests."

" Andy is dependable, straight forward and honest and will go out of his way to help and lend support to a client. He has demonstrated this to us on several occasions with advice and assistance that has been invaluable. He has a wealth of industry knowledge and contacts have benefited us greatly."

" I am happy to reccommend the services of CASH. "

Jeremy Grose.

Senior Field Officer.

Students from Corella Creek School

Tennant Creek, NT

" We appreciate you for the bike you sent down to Corella Creek. They are lost of fun. You can do tricks on the bikes and even have a big bike race. I am writing to say thank you" - Myles

"We appreciate what you have done for us.Thank you for delivery the bikes from Alice Springs to Corella Creek. We were amazed at how many bikes there were. There were about 20 or more. Thank you again" Lautonia

"I enjoy riding my bike and doing tricks on it, Thank you again" - Amanda

"Thank you for all the bikes you are a good bro!" - Dennis

" We appreciate the bikes you sent us from Alice Springs. On my bike i go for a ride to the grid and back. Thank you." - Shakira

Some of the letters sent to us from a couple of students at Corella Creek School.

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